An overview of limited edition woven wraps
Artipoppe • Didymos • Kokadi • Natibaby • Oscha • Pavo • Pollora

weight info

This might help to determine a wrap's thickness:
up to 180 g/m2very thin
180-220 g/m2thin
220-260 g/m2medium
260-300 g/m2thick
300 g/m2 and upvery thick

Please remember this classification was made up by me, so it might be rather subjective. Also, different fibers have different density and weight. E.g. silk is lighter than linen, so a silk wrap of the same weight as a linen wrap might still be thicker.

The weight per square meter is calculated like this: total weight in grams divided by (total length along one rail in m x total width in m).

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