An overview of limited edition woven wraps
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You can search for any keyword, including colours. Wrap names are available in both German and English, where applicable.

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Manufacturers: Artipoppe | Didymos | Kokadi | Natibaby | Oscha | Pavo


Woven Wraps

New to babywearing?
The BabyWearer is a great place to start.

Which brand is best?
Almost all available brands of woven wraps are fine. There is no 'best' brand, it's a matter of personal preference.

But which wrap is best suited as a first wrap?
I'd say an all-cotton wrap (because it's easy to care for) that is not too thick and not too thin. It might be interesting to start with a used wrap: lower price and sometimes it's already broken in (and thus soft!). Pre-loved wraps can be found at a.o. The BabyWearer, Natural Mamas and eBay.

What size do I need?
That depends on your clothing size and the type of carries you'd like to do with your wrap. You might find these helpful: Oscha size chart, Didymos size chart, Natibaby size chart.

And how do I put my baby in the wrap?
There are many YouTube videos with tutorials, or maybe you'll like this overview.

Where do I buy a new woven wrap?
Try googling for 'woven wrap', optionally with your country name and see what comes up.

Why are there no Girasol Exclusives in the database?
Because Girasol doesn't release limited edition woven wraps, but exclusives that are woven over and over again. Ola from Poland maintains an extensive overview of Girasol Exclusive wraps.

What does 'retail price size 6' mean, is it the market value?
No, it's the price the manufacturer sold a size 6 of the wrap for at the moment of its release. The market value of a wrap fluctuates and is mostly determined by supply and demand.

Could you please add brand X to the database?
No, not at this time. I have a very hard time to keep up with the 7 current brands already, so I can't afford to add another brand, I'm sorry.


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail!


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