An overview of limited edition woven wraps
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When will the database be updated?

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Click the column name to sort ascending. Click again to sort descending.

To sort multiple columns, hold down the Shift button while clicking the next column.

For more info about a wrap, click the row or the plus in the green circle. To enlarge the picture, just click it.

To close, click anywhere in the more info box or on the minus in the red circle.


You can search for any keyword, including colours. Wrap names are available in both German and English, where applicable.

To find a wrap from a specific release date, search for yyyy-mm-dd e.g. 2011-09-20.

To find wraps from a specific month, search for yyyy-mm e.g. 2010-03

You can also search for colours, e.g. search for pink to find all wraps that are pink or have pink in them.

To view all wraps again after a search query, reload the page or simply click the large '' on the top of the page.

If you want to link to a specific wrap, just search for the wrap and after the right one has appeared, click 'link for current search filter' on the bottom left of the page. A link will pop up which you can copy and paste somewhere else.

'Retail price size 6' is the price the manufacturer sold a size 6 of the wrap for at the moment of its release. It's not the market value, since the market value fluctuates and is mostly determined by supply and demand.


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